Attila Puskas

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"VO with an Eastern European Accent and Great English"

I can speak 3 languages, out of which Hungarian is my native tongue and Romanian i would say i know it, but most of my work i do in English so it's on a fluent level. This makes me able to pronounce made up fantasy/sci-fi words with confidence and an international Eastern European accent (neutral). My strength lies in character work for video games and animations and now commercials.


The Showreel - 6 months (1-2-1 training and workshops, commercial and animation)
The Little Theatre workshops - over 1 year
Kira Buckland - Mobile Games Workshop
Tanya Rich - about 6 months of Commercial training


Most of my experience was unpaid projects on the internet and YouTube (animation)


Basic editing skills on my DAW and translating English to Hungarian and Hungarian to English