Annie Dinh

Annie Dinh

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"Versatile ranging from professionally engaging to husky"

I am a thespian at heart and love being versatile with my voice and am constantly seeking to improve. With a true passion for the arts, I enjoy learning from movies and shows and musical compositions. As a first generation Vietnamese-American, I've always had a burning passion to be a voice for the voiceless and convey emotions of members of my community.


I am self trained from several resources and have found great success. I subscribe to Roger Love and frequently read and study his lessons and vocal training content. I enjoy reading books on vocal techniques like Your Voice: An Inside View by Scott McCoy and Vocal Wisdom by Giovanni Lamperti. I consider every day and every opportunity as learning and training experiences.


Credited for 10 books on Audible with more projects in the works including Deep Sleep Hypnosis, Chakras For Beginners, Empath Healing, Remote Lifestylin', and Falling Up. I narrate and produce a weekly podcast for AIRSLA which is a site for the vision impaired. I've been blessed to have worked with some talented people I've met on Bodalgo and appreciate this platform.


I produce all of my own work and have logged hundreds of hours of editing and production.