Amanda Hajney

Amanda Hajney

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"Multitalented creative Swedish woman"

Hello! My name is Amanda Hajney. I am a 34 year old Swede who runs my own business as a media producer. I edit films but also offer myself as a voice over, actress, singer, reporter, writer, public speaker and event host. At my web page there's links to previous Voice Over jobs.
Please keep me in mind if you ever would need a swedish, "swinglish" or american english female voice.
I have my own sound sound studio and can usually deliver within 24 hours, sometimes even quicker than that. I accept payments to my bank account or through PayPal.


Many years as an actress on theatre and movies. I also work as a public speaker and singer.


Mostly commercials and informative films, but dreaming about doing sound books and dubbing. I've done Voice Overs in both Swedish and English.


I can do most Swedish accents and have a wide range of different voices, "from a tiny mouse to a big moose", as I usually say. I can sound both young and mature.