Zuleika Deciga

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"Natural, warm, trendy, bilingual Spanish and English"
Zuleika Deciga

Zuleika Deciga has 14 years of experience doing voice overs in Spanish and English with a Spanish and World accent. She was born and raised in Mexico City. She has a BA degree in Journalism and Communication from National University in Mexico (UNAM). She leaves in a suburb near Seattle. Writing for newspapers, doing radio and TV gives a fresh perspective for the projects she works on. Zuleika’s voice has been used for the GPS of the following car brands: BMW, Renault, Nissan & Toyota for the US and Latin American markets. She records on a regular basis for National TV & Radio spots. Shoe Carnival, Mac Donald's, and Starbucks are some of her clients. Her voice was used for Google and Android software. Her voice was also used for Dragon Software as "Angelica". She has done internet and industrial videos for Microsoft, Expedia, The City of Seattle, The World Bank, Mariners, and Savers.

Radio DJ

Zuleika is a well known personality in the Latino Community in Seattle. She had a radio show in a local Spanish radio station called “Rock Radical” for 8 years.
In addition, she was a regular guest in a popular sports show on ESPN-Seattle. She also co-hosted a morning talk-show with Jaime Mendez.

On TV, she read the news for Univision-Seattle for their 1 minute news segment.

Translation, Adaptation, Casting, Director and Producer:

Zuleika or “Z”-as clients call her- creates the Spanish version for TV, radio, Industrial or IVR projects. She can translate, adapt, cast, direct and produce any project. She has fully produced projects for Pappa Murphy's, Starbucks, Dairy Gold, Shoe Carnival, Coinstar, Amazon and many others


Workshop: Leonard Dozier
Training with: Pat Fraley, Rodney Saulsberry, Terry Apple, Db Cooper, Kathy Levin.
Seattle Acting School (2005-2007)
Mexico City:
Tena Curiel: 1997-1999.


I work with worldwide companies that are changing the world. I'm proud to work with them in a regular basis for their products. I have work since 2003 for Starbucks, Boeing, Microsoft, Amazon and recently Expedia.

My work philosophy is to maintain a close relationship with my clients to have a long time relationship. For example, I worked for SVOX -now part of Nuance- back in 2004 to record synthetic voices. After 13 years, we continue working together. Nuance had used my voice for GPS, Apps, Software - such as Dragon, and much more.


Because of my background in Mass Media & Journalism I have a deep understanding on the market, outlets, and Latino community in the US. I translate and adapt the scripts in English to fit the needs of the media involved -per request.