Zach Nassif

Zach Nassif

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"Dynamic Sexy and Flexible Arabic Voice"

Over 18 years of experience in the Voice Over business. I am a professional arabic voice over talent, specialized in classical arabic (fusha) and levantine dialects. Recorded many commercials, corporate films, ebooks, narrations, IVRs and character impersonations for multinational companies and ad agencies in Dubai and the USA.

I can also do english and french with middle eastern accent to accommodate your clients needs in the Middle East and around the world.


I developed my skills through many years of experience. I learnt reading techniques, dealing with stress, preparing my voice, understanding scripts and changing my voice depending on client's needs.

Most VO talents can deliver best in only a limited range. You'll be amazed how flexible my voice is, switching easily from a deep engaging male announcer to a high pitched hard selling promoter.


National Geographic in arabic
Emirates Airlines
Coca Cola
and much more.


Video editing
Video localization
Arabic to english and vice versa translation
Voice over track cleaning, editing and syncing to video