Yinan Shentu

Yinan Shentu

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"Let's bring your STORY to life."

Whether it's a grounded, believable character exploring relationships or an over-the-top crazed lunatic threatening homicide, my characters and acting process have one thing in common- they all come from an informed place of "play". They're not just words on a page, they're a story to be told, and with every project I work on, I relish the opportunity to create something amazing with the creative team.


Theater training in university (Villanova University)
Voiceover training with Crispin Freeman, Richard Horvitz, Bob Bergen
Character training with The Muppets Studio, Jim Henson Company, and Sesame Workshop
Improv training with SAK Comedy Lab and the Jim Henson Company
Dialect training with Universal and Disney Entertainment


Professional anime dubbing experience with NYAV Post
Performed and mastered files for several characters for Forteller Games projects


Home studio with editing software
Baritone singer-musical theater, pop