Will Reierson

Will Reierson

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"Accurate. Authentic. Assured."

Hi there! My name's Will Reierson (That's "Rei" as in "rye bread").

I've been acting on and off stage since I was just a young lad. When I found out I could act into a microphone, I was hooked.

​I strongly believe that working together and understanding my clients is the only way to create something meaningful. That mindset, along with my sense of humor and general love of anything creative, is at the core of every client interaction, script and project that I take on.

My, versatile, energetic tone means that I've got a knack for engaging delivery. That makes it easy for your audience to connect with your project. Pair that with my sense of responsibility, quick turnaround times, and attention to detail, and you can be sure you'll get exactly what you need, when you need it.

Hiring me means that you're signing up to be understood, to get high quality audio on time, and to get a product that aligns exactly with your vision.


Gravy For the Brain


I've been acting since I was six years old and singing since I was five. I've had experience on stage and off, performing in multiple plays such as Shakespeare's "Much Ado about Nothing", Celeste Raspanti's "I Never Saw another Butterfly", and Rudyard Kipling's "Just So Stories, the Musical." Offstage, I've done commercial work for the City of Williams Lake, on indie games such as "Barn Orchestra" and "Krampusnacht", as well as narrating a variety of poems and short stories.


Because of my knack for conversational delivery, I specialize in commercials, but am also capable of providing engaging narration for documentaries and e-learning videos. Character acting is another passion of mine which makes me a good fit for gaming and animation projects.

Take a listen to my demo reels to get an idea of what I'm capable of!