Vincent iampietro

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"From firm vocal handshake to kind best friend, I have it for you"

Commercial, video game character, best friend, corporate speaker, or guy next door - We're here for you, all tucked inside of one six foot tall, Italian booth junkie.
In addition to producing broadcast ready spots, I enjoy the process of working with my clients to create a vocal atmosphere that tells the story of their product, character, or company, in a way that puts them, and not myself, in the spotlight.
As a former actor, I've developed a "soft brain," which is one that allows me to take direction well no matter where that direction goes.


Training provided by voice professionals Amy Hartman and Natalie Baker in Pittsburgh, PA, and W.L. Jenkins and Brando Eaton (via Skype) in Los Angeles. On camera training provided by Stephen Black, The Talent Group (Pittsburgh), and Randy Kovitz, through Nancy Mosser Casting, Pittsburgh.


AEZ Wheels - Two spots for product videos. These are stylistically interesting with voice over supporting the video content. AEZ was great to work with and provided easy to understand direction.

Cajun Country food products - Commercial spot promoting their natural Cajun products

Florida Atlantic University - Business explainer outlining how direct and indirect costs flow through appropriate channels at the university

Florida International University - Commercial spot promoting their new PMBA program

iHeart Radio App - “Hip Old Man” character for iHeart Radio App promotion

Marine Federal Credit Union - "Fight Hard, Bank Easy" radio commercial

Resort Release - Commercial spot for their contract release services

Turning Point USA - "Your Brain on Socialism" video commercial

Voyage Air Guitars - A light, fun spot that highlighted the advantages of playing their instruments

Concert promotional spots for Denial Events, Cincinnati, OH, and the Ardmore Music Hall in Philadelphia, PA

Various "gruff" and "tuff" video game characters for independent game programmers


I can provide post-production on raw VO tracks to create broadcast ready spots