Thomas Cordie

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"Familiar & versatile w national resonance and precise technique"
Thomas Cordie

I've been around the Flemish voice-scene for more than ten years and have had the pleasure of working with wonderful directors and sound engineers in the largest studio's in Belgium. My voice has served for a number of national brands, as an imaging voice for radio and tv stations or for consumer products, retailers, banking, automotive and so on.
Next to that, many production companies rely on me for fast and flexible recording for online or corporate video, event audio and animations.

Thanks to my wide range of tonality and interpretation skills, my voice finds its place in almost every production from epic movie trailers, fascinating documentaries, easy-listening e-learnings to hard-selling commercials or even comic or cartoony acting.

Having done quite some radio reporting and producing, I have become highly technically skilled with audio recording hard- and software and have invested in a high-quality studio set-up providing broadcast quality audio from my home within hours of your order.


1000+ hours of studio
On-the-job training in audio editing and processing on national radio
Voice coaching / Logopaedic training


I am currently the station voice for vtm (national tv) and JOEfm (national radio) and have been the voice for één, Studio Brussel and Ketnet.
Consumer brands who use my voice steadily for their campaigns include Volkswagen, Colruyt, Deutsche Bank, Head & Shoulders, Kellogg's etc.
Other examples for one-off campaigns are: Kom op tegen Kanker, Harpic,, Mobile Vikings, Cheap Tickets...
Next to that, numerous companies have used my voice for social or other online content, explainer animations, corporate video's etc.


True voice-acting and a wide range of characters and accents for animation dubbings.
Broadcast quality post-production (DAW and plugins)