Tatjana Anders

Tatjana Anders

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"Warm and bright European voice that appeals to a broad audience"

Since my background is in acting, character VO work is definitely one of my biggest strengths. I'm a big perfectionist and my own biggest critic. I have a background in Business and Marketing, so I always try to think from the client's perspective - what voice and delivery style would the target audience connect with the most?


Professional Actor
Trained Gravy for the Brain (gravyforthebrain.com) - Voice Coaches: Peter Dickson, Hugh Edwards, Peter Kenny, Gary Fox and many more.


Main character for "The Tomorrow Children" video game by Q-Games, SIE Japan Studio (recorded in Pinewood studios)
Corporate German VO work for LimeTools.biz (recorded in home studio)


I am a professional singer and I have my own home recording studio
I can do minor post-production work with Cubase