Tasia Valenza

Tasia Valenza

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"A VO Pro Warm and Conversational to Trustworthy and friendly."

I'm an Emmy nominated Actress and professional VO artist for the last twenty years and I've worked with companies around the world.
I'm known for Givng Great Voice and exceeding my clients' expectations! I love collaborating with my clients to make sure they're getting exactly what they want and more.
From trustworthy and friendly to conversational and real, my acting background allows me to connect with each read to find the truth in what I'm saying and it comes through.


I've been doing VO for twenty years so I've learned on the job and now I teach VO as well as doing it. I'm a VO pro!


I've worked for thousands of Companies over my twenty year career and continue to do so.
From Coke, Ford, McDonalds, Toyota, Cheerios, Rite Aid, JCPenny, Chase, Nissan, ABC, NBC, CBS, Hallmark, Discovery ID, Payless Shoes, Blue Cross, Vons, Secret, Victoria's Secret. Fox, Soapnet, TV Guide Network, Reels Channel, ABC Family,


I'm very good with accents such as English, Spanish, Italian as well as animated voices.