Steven Honeycutt

Mitglied seit 4 Jahren
"Exciting versatility!"
Steven Honeycutt

Character work is my game! From gruff men of action, to cute funny cartoon animals I've done them all, and enjoyed every minute of it. But, should you need a clear, concise, neutral American accent to narrate or instruct, I've got that covered as well.


Universal Studios Orlando Florida.


For almost 5 years I provided the voice of 'Donkey' from the Shrek franchise, first for Universal Studios Florida, and then on a foreign contract for Universal Studios Singapore. An amazing job, that also incorporated improv, and puppeteer skills in order to interact with people from all over the world. Most recently I completed another foreign contract for Dubai Parks and Resorts in the United Arab Emirates, in which I provided the voice of' Brainy Smurf' in a similar interactive show. In between my theme park work, I also worked on numerous commercials, promos, and video games.


Experienced audio, and video editor (Audition, Premiere). Singer, composer, bass player.