Steve Fortune

Steve Fortune

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"A deep warm resonant voice you can trust!"

Nearly all scripts have a musicality to them, a rhythm. And it is the voice actors job to find that rhythm and to play the musicality. With 40 years experience as an actor and a singer I have the highly developed skills that you need to bring the music of your script to your audience. Whether it is an explainer , a corporate report, a narration or even a character in a game, I can deliver your audio from my home studio.... usually within 48 hours! The years I have spent in theatre in both the West End of London and throughout the UK have also given me a wealth of characters that I can use to bring just the right colour and style that you require for your project.


I have attended a number of workshops and classes as well as online tutorials with Gravy for The Brain. I have also received coaching from Notable Voices.


I voiced an E learning project for a large US communications company ATOS which comprised of 12 Modules of around 1200 words per module.
Other clients include Age UK, Arbnco, Spill-Master, Bunn Leisure, Kubota, Wow Stuff, More Radio.
I have narrated a number of audiobooks including "The Tomb of Thearagaard" By Kenneth Cromwell and Charles Cromwell, "Thankonomics" by Andrew Robshaw, "The Storm of Steel" by Ernst Junger, "A Princess of Mars"," The Gods of Mars" and" Warlords of Mars" by Edgar Rice Burroughs," Casino Royale", "Live and Let die" and "Moonraker" by Ian Fleming.I was also a member of the multi cast of "This Shining Life" by Hariety Klein, published by Random House Audio for which we recently won an Earphones Award.
I voiced the character of Professor MacBride in "Unforeseen Incidents"
As an actor I have worked in numerous West End musicals, toured the UK and Europe, and appeared in numerous TV roles, commercials and films.


Singing voice Bass Baritone range.