Steve Bujold

Steve Bujold

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"Smooth, friendly and funny with a high likeability factor."

I am an actor, a radio announcer, podcaster, singer/songwriter/recording artist. I bring all of that to the table with every project along with a personal commitment to professionalism, detail and excellence. I excel in working with a client to deveop a unique, orignial and sometimes funny character to represent their brand. I'm in love with the process, a student of voice and my commitment to excellence and professionalism is fueled by a growth mindset and a child like exuberance. I believe in magic and I'm willing to put in the work to create it. My goal is not just to exceed your expectations but mine as well. I truly excel creating and collaborating with others.


My voice over skills were developed over 3 decades attending the School of Hard Knocks in broadcasting as a radio announcer where I also wrote and narrated documentaries, voiced hundreds of commercials and hosted thousands of radio shows sometimes inclluding original characters I created and interacted with.
I've had extensive one on one professional training and coaching with Canadian Actress Sunday Muse of Big Voices.
Scene Study with Louise Nolan in Toronto.
Actor Training with Donnie Bowes-Artistic Director Upper Canada Playhouse


My biggest achievement is yet to come-that's just one of of the things that drives me but one example of a personal achievement is when I was 17 I appeared in a high school play called Rabiton. I told the director that one day he would hire me as a professional and sure enough 30 years later he as artistic director of Upper Canada Playhouse hired me to voice two distinct characters for the play Knickers. My voice overs ran 26 performances and got some of the biggest laughs of the night each performance. The kicker for Knickers was attending a performance, listening to the audience laugh and nobody in the sold out peformance knew I was sitting right there. The true achievement however was realising a dream 30 years in the making. A lesson in persistance and dedication.
I'm proud of the work I've done with Aylmer Studios, The Township of Prescott/Russell, Ontario Department of Education as well Central Garage, a business from my hometown of Campbellton, NB Canada. But truly, the best one, is the next one.


I record and edit all my voice over work and podcasts from my home studio in Quebec which provides for freedom and a quick, professional turn around on projects.
I'm also a singer/songwriter/recording artist. My CD, "Love, Lies and Other Obsessions" was produced by Douglas Romanow and featured 10 original compositions Which I cowrote and sang.
My podcast Downhome Corner connects Atlantic Canadians around the world through interviews, stories and music.