stephen chatfield

stephen chatfield

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"Adaptable & Flexible - Naturally warm heightened English RP"

British based voice actor raised in the South of England, with a smooth warm tone.
I believe and care strongly about the voice acting community.
Time after time myself and my peers help create amazing productions which resonate with audiences world wide.
From videos games to E-learning I know how to connect on that emotional level.
Voices are effective tools that can help push a brand to that next level or help deliver that perfect character in a game or animation to a young viewers who they may one day, much like myself, see as positive role models where they may have few.

Since I was young I've loved doing impressions, writing scripts, poetry and music, creating vast worlds and complex characters from various ideas and concepts.
This twinned with my love for video games has led me to want to be that character that inspires, that draws attention for the right reasons and helps others through those darker times.​

I spent 12 years honing my talents in music with a variety of professionals before branching toward character voice acting and voice overs.
My experience within music gives me a deep knowledge of sound to draw from and understanding of how this affects different people, and just how important a voice can be.


Gravy for the brain - Multiple courses including :

Audio for Gaming
Audio for Commercials
Mixing & Mastering

Voice over network - Multiple courses from various mentors including :

Randall Ryan
Chris Sabat
Sean Schemmel
Andrea Toyias
Victoria Atkin


12 years of music performance & production in the Sussex area
3 years Content creation for sites Youtube & Twitch revolving heavily around Audio

Professional Credits
Professional Credit 1: 2018 - Kickstarter - Realms Beyond - Lawful Paladin / Chaotic Wizard

Professional Credit 2: 2019 - Video Game - Realms Beyond - Multiple characters

Professional Credit 3: 2019 - Corporate - Platform Group - VO for in-house App

Professional Credit 4: 2019 - Corporate - Interfuture - VO for IVR

Professional Credit 5: 2019 - Internet Based - Audoblex - Multiple characters

Professional Credit 6: 2020 - Corporate - Interfuture - VO for IVR

Professional Credit 7: 2020 - Internet Based - VO for James Shortland

Professional Credit 8 : 2020 - Internet Based Anime - Jin - Road to you

Professional Credit 9: 2021 - Animation - Funimation - Moriarty the Patriot - Multiple Characters


Music Composition
Poetry & Creative Writing