Stephanie Pollard

Mitglied seit 2 Jahren
"Classically trained singer with a natural North American accent"

I grew up in the world of musical theatre and realised early on that my greatest strength was in my voice. I studied singing from age 13-21 but also nurtured my love for storytelling, double-majoring in vocal performance and film studies at Hollins University. When I became a mother and started reading stories to my daughter people frequently told me I had a real talent for voice acting. So I began pursuing a career in voice over and voice acting.


I studied voice over at Gravy For the Brain and with Peter Warnock.


I have narrated a video series for Courageous Films called "Disused Stations". I narrated and played one of the characters in the trailer for Christopher Kerr's video game "(Esc)ape Online". I also composed music for and sang "The 13 Days of Halloween" for magician Nelson Lugo.


I can sing by ear or sheet music, compose vocal parts, and scat.