Sonia Kallen

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"Sincere, Warm, Caring, Energetic, Enthusiastic, Flirty, Friendly"
Sonia Kallen

About Me: When I am not in my studio and behind the mic, I am a lover of nature, animals, a hiker, mountain biker, but most importantly - Mom to the best 2 boys in my world. I am also a classical pianist since childhood having gone back to piano after a long absence, so I enjoy listening to classical music regularly, and when I am able I attend local concerts in my area. Besides voiceover work, this is my passion. There is scientific evidence that being a pianist has many cognitive benefits, including the notion that musical training can enhance neural, cognitive and communication function, not to mention intense discipline. I truly believe that musicianship is helping me be a better and more disciplined voiceover artist, but also devoting my time to voiceover and the nuances necessary to be successful have also helped me become a better pianist!

I have been told by casting professionals that my voice comes across bright and textured. That I have a youthful musicality and willingness to play that works well for things that require a voice that’s light and fun, but I also that my lifetime of experiences and maturity which allow me to add the weight and emotion, warmth, caring and sincerity to more serious topics.

When it comes to you, I will get the job done as soon as possible. As soon as I am hired, I dive right in and will have the job done within 24-48. My priority is to make you happy and I work very hard to ensure that my clients get exactly what they need and want. I work from my home studio and am available by phone and email.


I study with various coaches in my area and around the country. I come from an acting background having done many theatre productions, TV and commercial work and independent films, but then took a hiatus to raise my family. I am now passionately channeling all of my experience into voiceovers. I am also contributing my voice to The Human Voicebank which is an organization that provides voices for those who suffer from ALS, so that one day they will be able to have a voice through me.


Smithfield Foods, iv Marketing and Branding, Polaris Laboratories, Derek Flores, Company: YOUR-COMICS, Paris, FR,


Post production, using Audacity and Adobe Audition. Rode NT1, Windows, Focusrite Scarlett preamp, pro home studio