Sirena Riley

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"The Voice of Reason"
Sirena Riley

American Born and Bred / London-based. I have a mid-tone, calm, cool, reassuring voice with credits including National Geographic, Al Jazeera, DHL and Marriott Hotels. Corporate and commercial ready, but I can turn on the Southern charm or mix it up with an urban edge for a character read.

I can record from home or travel in and around London. And since I'm based in London, I make life easier for all of you European-based clients looking for an American voice - you don't have to struggle with massive time zone differences anymore!

Do you need a jingle? I'm singer-songwriter, too!

I'm here to give your project the voice it deserves. Invite me to audition for you today!


I got my start in radio and learned something from every gig I've booked ever since. I've attended workshops along the way, but nothing beats real experience.


My favourite jobs have been with National Geographic, Audible, Marriott, Al Jazeera and most recently ITV. I've done just about everything from corporate and e-learning to dubbing and documentary.


I'm also a professional singer and songwriter (especially lyrics)!