Simon Rose

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"Warm, friendly and engaging male voiceover."
Simon Rose

The ability to relate to and maintain an audience, and sell a product or concept is my strength. I have a naturally warm, friendly, and engaging style of delivery that works for a large range of projects.


I have been using my voice professionally for over 20 years and honed my skills as a full-time commercial radio presenter for market-leading stations. Over the 20 years, I have also voiced radio commercials, promos, and been used as the 'station voice' on imaging for a US radio station.


Using my vocal engagement skills as part of a team, I have helped take a radio station to number one for audience in a market of seventy-four radio stations. My own personal contribution being an audience increase of over 50%.

My voice has been used over the years in a wide range of radio commercials and promotional radio trails as well as being used for radio imaging as 'station voice'.


I have post-production skills, currently using Adobe Audition 2020, and can clean, repair, and process audio for broadcast and other uses.