Shepherd Anderson

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"Approachable, real, warm, friendly, funny."

Directors/Clients appreciate my natural intuition with scripts, as well as my ability to take direction quickly, efficiently and accurately. Since my voice doesn't slot into the clichéd super hefty/classic announcer realm, I get to do a lot more "approachable", "real" or "regular" people roles - which, I love.

When it comes to doing announcer work, I do well with "warm", "playful", snarky", "witty", "direct", "conversational", "observational" and most anything that needs to have (so I'm told) a sense of "comedic timing".


I did some acting as a kid, and then I got into broadcasting as a young adult and worked around the country. And, while I enjoyed being an on-air talent, my real love was always in production - writing, acting, recording and building bits with staff writers, morning teams and actors. This experience was critical in terms of my learning about voice texture, timing, feel and space as it applied to any script/performance setting. I left broadcasting to get into more recording studio work (which I still do) which keeps me working with stage, screen and VO actors of all types - on both sides of the glass (as an aside, I'm also an audio engineer with several awards)


I'm most proud of my work for Pioneer Seed. It was my job to conduct interviews with growers/farmers and then help craft the scripts/ideas into coherent 60 second radio vignettes. My narrative skills and ability to "stay out of the way" allowed me to tell some really cool stories and craft a compelling message. Subtlety was key.

I was the voice of a national Jack Links TV campaign in 2017. I'm the main talent for a long running series of videos for United Health Care. Additionally I've worked recently for Home Depot, Fed Ex, Securian, Winfield United, The MN Lottery and numerous others.


I can handle full audio post production as I have a professional recording facility (Babble-On Recording in Minneapolis) with ISDN, Source-Connect, ipdtl, phone patch, Skype, etc. in addition to numerous music and sound effect libraries. I have microphones for any number of applications as well as a very large booth that can hold up to five people comfortably. Plus I have an extensive remote recording kit, too. Truth be told, I work both sides "of the glass" quite frequently.