Shelley Stephen

Shelley Stephen

Mitglied seit 7 Jahren
"Strong and low, Corporate not stuffy, Fun and professional"

Professional voice talent Shelley Stephen has spent her lifetime talking tech to business and business to tech. With career expertise in the corporate, automotive world, she has a unique specialty in making difficult and technical information easy to understand and retain. Shelley’s background in everything from Information Technology and Instructional Design, to Finance, Insurance, Human Resources, Suppliers and Dealers, Medical and Manufacturing groups, brings authenticity to any tech-speak or corporate-speak scripts she encounters.

Enriched by her additional pursuit of all things acting and improv from on-stage to on-screen, Shelley’s voice can be warm and trustworthy for documentary narration, professional, authoritative and strong for corporate and e-learning, and also sultry, husky or playful for luxury brand identities.


In chronological order:

Voice Acting Academy - James Alburger/Penny Abshire
Edge Studio - David Goldberg
Global Voice Acting Academy
Roy Yokelson
Julie Williams
Roy Yokelson
Thomas Pinto
J. Michael Collins


Ford Motor Company - eLearning
Squalan - Brand Video
Nucific - Product Video
Amway - eLearning
Fletcher PR - Podcast Intro/Outro


I sing Alto II or Contralto parts. I do read music. I am not a professional musician but a talented amateur.