Shannon Scott

Shannon Scott

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"Just a Girl Making Projects Shine Bright!"

Looking to cast a reliable and experienced talent in your next project who is easy to direct and fun to work with? Well you are in luck, because you just landed on her page!

Hi, I'm Shannon. Just a simple girl who lives to perform. Studying theatre throughout college and submerging myself in the film industry (both in front of and behind the camera), has not only led me to winning Best Actress awards during my career, it has also opened the path to becoming an underwater performer / mermaid, stunt actor and my personal favorite.... A Voiceover Artist!

I've been told I have a lot of variety when it comes to the different tones and emotions I can provide, whether it's the fun-loving girl-next-door, articulate professional or goofy character, I bring everything I got to bring your script to life! My clients also say that I take direction extremely well, so when you tell me what you want to hear, I can make it happen.

But beyond all that, I'm also a businesswoman. I get that life can get crazy and you need someone who can deliver a top-notch performance, with high quality tech specs.

No matter what project you are working on, you can always count on me to be prompt, professional and reliable to get it done! I have always been told, "You are such a ray of sunshine!" This is the energy I tend to bring to every session, whether in the booth or on-set for EVERY project I'm a part of. Making the final product SHINE BRIGHT for your company or product!

Whether it's a 30 second commercial or a 7 hour audiobook, I want to help tell your story the way you are envisioning! I know the importance of deadlines, exceptional performances and pristine audio quality. Which is why it is extremely important to me that you not only have a great time when working with me, but you get exactly what you need to complete your project ASAP!

I work with quality equipment and am continually studying my craft to ensure you get only the best when working with me! So, if you're ready, reach out anytime so we can MAKE YOUR PROJECT SHINE BRIGHT!

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Starting my studies in college for the performing arts, I have continued to learn over the years with a variety of classes in person and online. Training is something that many people tend to neglect. However, as a performer with a background in dance and theatre, I know how important it is to keep learning and growing in one's craft. By continuing my education as a performing artist, I can give you more choices in a performance and help bring your project to life verses just reading or "acting" for a project.

Courses and training available upon request.


I have had the opportunity to be a part of some amazing projects with some fantastic companies and people. From HMH, IBM software, UL, Wearsafe, Stafford Diamonds, Rebuilding Together and more, I am always working on different projects with companies all around the world.


Do you need any post production work done for your project? In addition to providing high quality voiceovers and acting on film, I can help finalize your project if needed. Whether you are looking for an audio proofer, audio or video editor, I am the girl who can help you get it done. And if I can't tackle the project for you right away, I also have a selected team who can make sure your project shines bright in every way!

Here is a list of other services I provide in more detail:
- Audio Proofing. (audiobooks, dubbing and more).
- Audio Editing - Ensuring clean audio from start to finish, basic normalization and leveling. (audiobooks, commercials, on-hold messaging and more).
- Script Translation (Spanish / English).
- Sound Design - You name it, we can do it! (music, sound effects, the whole shebang)!

Need help? Don't hesitate to reach out, because it would be my pleasure to help in any way I can.

Looking forward to working with you soon!