Sebastian Warne

Sebastian Warne

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"A deep, natural and measured, powerful yet reflective voice."

My natural, deep baritone bass voice, with a soft New Zealand accent, is somewhat unique. Furthermore, the open-minded and outward-looking culture of my native country, influenced equally by British and American cultures which I spent my life soaking up, means that I can also switch seamlessly between different American and British accents.

I have also performed and recorded as a musician and singer since I was a teenager, so my ears and voice are highly trained, and I have excellent control of my vocal strength, between softness and power.

On top of that, I have several years' experience as an early childhood and primary teacher, so my dramatic and funny character voices are perfectly honed and audience tested!

My favourite projects on which to work as a voice talent are character roles (dramatic and children’s), and narration and voice-over, with a specific passion for projects concerned with music, nature and ecology!


I undertook vocal and physical performance training as part of my Bachelor of Fine Arts, and more recently I have also received some private voice lessons from industry contacts. Apart from that, I have 12 years experience as a performing and recording musician and singer, and 4 years experience as a music producer and audio engineer.


My biggest achievement so far is performing a voice-over for an upcoming nature documentary, working for a private film producer/director client. My other experience has been in smaller projects for friends and contacts.


I have several special skills! These are singing, audio production engineering and mixing, and post-production mixing.