Scott Allen

Scott Allen

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"The voice speaks for itself..."

Can you hear the sound of success? When companies like Ford, Samsung, and Fidelity search for voices to match with products, they're looking for a unique delivery that will help listeners hear their message. Let me help you do that for your customers. When you listen to my demos, I think you'll find that my voice speaks for itself.

My voice can be anything from Natural, gentle and conversational for commercials to the fun husband next door. Other variations and qualities include; warm and friendly, white collar, worldly, compassionate, comedy, authoritative, dramatic, golf announcer, pitch man, pensive, retail, stern, theatrical, trainer, trustworthy, dad, endearing, grounded, high energy, to name a few.


In addition to a great deal of real life experience creating online tutorials, I have also trained at or with;
The Voicecaster - Commercial Voiceover
Marsha Goodman - Animation and Cartoon VO
Dino Andrade - Animation and Cartoon VO
Training with Stephen Stanton ( - Commerical and Animation
Kalmenson & Kalmenson Voice Casting - Commercial Voiceover for actors
American Academy of Dramatic Arts - Theater Arts 2 Year program


- Internal Corporate VO for Capital One, AIMS360
- VideoGame/Character Voices.
- Numerous Training videos (both audio and on-camera) for e-learning / Software training - since 2010
- I've completed voiceover roles in several short films including Newscasters and Narrators. 2010- Present
- Have hosted an online podcast discussing news and events related to 'Star Wars'. 2012/2015
- Voiced both Website promo videos and on-hold voice for AIMS360, NOTICE Inc., Fashion Business Inc.


I pride myself in providing the highest level of service in all aspects of my work and I vow that when hired to voice your project, I will not rest until you have a voiceover that you are completely elated with. Customer satisfaction is my number one priority at all times. I will go the extra mile to make sure you get what you pay for and more!