Sarah Golding

Mitglied seit 6 Jahren
"Hugely versatile Soft quirky voice of fun."

Sarah has adeptly played every age and type of character you can possibly imagine....from sentient alien beings and ancient music box entities to young toddlers, teenaged boys, snappy dragons of women, men and all manner of walla! She is found in now over 60 audio drama podcasts and is also the Host of The Audio Drama Production Podcast. This is a great show where she warmly and with great humour interviews the elite and those starting out as writers, editors, producers, directors and voice actors and more!
She has a huge range of accents from across Britain from Cornwall and Devon up to London via Wales, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Yorkshire, Lancashire and a smattering of Scottish types. She also does Australian, New Zealand, some European and has performed as a wealth of characters from the US from quirky gangsters molls to flirtatious southern belles, Kentucky murderous mothers, Californian news readers and more. Comedy is a strength as is the monologue and horror.
Favourite roles include Lizzie in Wynabego Warrior (Audioblivious), Marian in Edict Zero (Skipgate9), Cora in You are here (Koach Studios), Alia in Ancestry (Koach Studios), Drunk Helen in A Scottish Podcast, Sarah in Hostile Worlds, Voice of The Music Box in Victoria's Lift, A7Ex in The Martyr Protocol (Audioblivious), Mom in Kill the Boy (Audioblivious), Lady Natilda in Magic Monsters and Mayhem (Dreambuilders), And the inimitable Dorothea in The Axe and Crown.

Her huge versatility is wonderfully suited to animation, computer games, audio books and of course she will continue to Enjoy her career as an audio Drama voice actor and presenter host.


Have a 2:1 degree in Drama Film Tv And English and always been involved in amateur dramatics alongside working for a professional theatre company or two. I threw myself into podcasting and have now been in over 60 as Irish, Scottish, German, Liverpudlian, American, snooty, snotty, funny characters and am consistently getting roles without auditions now as people sought me out! Hurray!

I taught and create voice workshops and drama workshops for secondary schools.

I was Education co-ordinator for touring theatre company Wildcard Theatre.


I am an Audioverse finalist 2016 for Lizzie McCoy in Audioblivious' Wynabego Warrior.
I am an Audioverse semi finalist 2017 (waiting for finalist list!) for my Pied Piper with Aural Traditions and Camellia in Oak Podcast with Crossroad stations.
I am a Parsec finalist 2017 with Fiona Thraille for The Audio Drama Production Podcast

I have been a voice actor since 2014, and gained a role in a computer game yet to be completed with Killmonday games.


I have taught myself to edit in audacity this year.
I play the ukelele
I play the spoons
I play the kazoo
I know right? Skills!