Russell Newton

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"Specializing in eLearning"
Russell Newton

Along with my commitment to your project and a high level of customer service, you will receive a recording of a pleasant, resonant bass voice with slight mid-western/southern influences, recorded using industry standard equipment and edited utilizing minimal processing to provide you with a clean, clear interpretation of your material. My interpretations are effective, true to the text, and devoid of overly dramatic theatrics. The strength of the production is in your words, and my presentation will remain true to that by enriching the message of the manuscript rather than detracting from it.


I am a seasoned performer, public speaker, and audio engineer. I have spent a good portion of my adult life in front of groups of people teaching, announcing, narrating, coaching & refereeing, and even singing, in addition to a great deal of time at/working with mixers, amp racks, tape decks, and DAWs producing audio and video of one type or another.


Scores of audiobooks published across diverse genres. Corporate clients include:

LID Publishing, New York, NY
Longform Publishing, Ridgefield, WA
Insight Health Communications
LeveragePoint Innovations, Inc, Somerville, MA
Kludge Klaxon, LLC, Greenwich, CT
Lemon Press, LLC, Emerson, GA
Crush the Praxis
Beacon Audiobooks, New York, NY
Wordwooze Publishing, Encino, CA
I’m Hearing Stories, San Diego, CA
Jesus People Baptist Church, Memphis, TN
Ayala Media, New Orleans, LA
Speak It To Book, Ferndale, WA
SHIRO BPO Service, Addison, TX
Thordarson Media, Reykjavik, Iceland


I specialize in long-form narration, including eLearning, Explainers, narratives, instructives, and technical documents with an easy mastery in use of acronyms, scientific nomenclature, foreign phrases, and technical terminology. I also provide audio engineering post-production for music and spoken word.