Ruben Crow

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I provide the PERFECT MALE BRITISH VOICEOVER FOR YOUR PROJECT. I have worked in the Voice Over business for over 10 years. I have voiced commercials in the UK for American Express, Lenovo, Aldl and Brother amongst others. As well as Charter TV and Broadband in the US. I have worked on computer games like Crysis 2 (commander Lockhart), Divinity Original Sin II (Gareth), as well as countless corporates for Shell, GSK, Rolls Royce and Ernst & Young, amongst many others. I have done a number E_learning jobs, ADR on Feature films, Animations and a number of impersonations.

I have done professional voiceovers in UK British accents including RP, Yorkshire, London, Birmingham, Irish, welsh and West Country accents. As well as numerous VO's in US Accents including a major Commercial Campaign for Charter TV and Broadband in the US.

I can give you the voice you want.....


I trained as an Actor at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) where various famous actors trained. (Benedict Cumberbatch, Ruth Wilson, David Suchet etc). The training included specific Voice training for acting, accents, radio, radio drama etc.

From there I signed with an acting as well as VO agent. From this point, I have learnt on the job as it were, with whichever professional jobs I have done.


I did a major commercial campaign for Charter TV and Broadband in the US. Despite being British RP naturally, I got the job to be the US voice of Charter on TV, Radio and online commercials across all the regions of the US. The campaign was managed by Saatchi and Saatchi in New York and was the biggest VO job I had done to date.
Apart from this I have done numerous commercials in the UK. As well as many corporates and online videos.

I have particularly enjoyed working on projects where different voices are required, for example a series of radio Ads for Brother Printers where I had to voice 8 different characters in one radio commercial. Or doing the computer games Crysis II (playing a badass American Commander), Divinity Original Sin II, (playing an emotional RP Character called Gareth) or Elex, (playing a southern US hillbilly). If I am completely honest my favourite jobs are the ones where I am able to use some variety of accent or tone....


My special skill is accents and impersonations. I can, (given enough time) impersonate numerous different accents and voices.