Ross Huguet

Ross Huguet

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"A Commercial Voice Over Artist of the Highest Calibre"

Ross’ voice is as confident, arresting and hypnotic as it is warm and convincingly trustworthy. This renowned “Ross Read” coupled with the experience of voicing literally thousands of scripts has made him both a master of voice persuasion and a most sought after voice talent in the World.

Ross’ award winning voice talent has helped countless companies improve their corporate communications, drive sales and improve profits. Ross provides deep, compelling voiceovers for your commercials, web and corporate videos and delivers results with “wow” factor from his professional studio, daily.

If you listen to the radio, watch television, see web videos, watch films at the theatre or have been placed on hold, it is very likely you have heard his voice. This is his lifelong passion and it shows. Your satisfaction is his #1 priority and he will do everything possible to make you happy and coming back for more!

His voice is described as warm, confident, captivating, compelling, convincing, direct, hypnotic and a great story teller. From quiet confidence to powerful to high energy. With 26 years experience, he's capable of providing you quality voice overs. Since this is all he does, he can offer you very fast turnaround, often times within 1 hour!!

How I got started in this most unusual job...

It was my grade 3 teacher Ms. Ford who first sat me down in front of a microphone. She asked me to read books onto tape for the younger children. Even at that age I so enjoyed reading out loud. I managed to get my hands on an old reel to reel tape machine and loved recording my voice in those early years and reading publicly into a microphone at church. One of the church elders suggested I might enjoy doing this more regularly which I did. Reading to the congregation of 100 or so people each Sunday. While in high school, I was the DJ at the local roller skating rink, spinning records and speaking into the microphone. Each morning and afternoon, I gave the announcements over the school PA system. At the time, it was only the Vice Principal that did this, but for some reason Mr. Irons seemed inclined to have me do it. In grade 11, I borrowed money from my Grandfather to study with George McNeil, the Owner of The Columbia Academy of Broadcasting in his home! My first ‘big break’ happened later that year when local radio station CJIB allowed me to report the high school basketball games on the air. I spent hours playing in the stations’ production studio, making commercials until finally, the stations Program Director allowed me to be on the air live for 1 hour in the middle of the night…so exciting, playing music and announcing on my favorite radio station! I was then hired full time and spent the summer and grade 12 working full time on air. As the years passed, and my voice grew deeper, I never lost the joy of speaking into the microphone. Thanks to technology, I have a state of the art studio in my home now, microphone and all, ready to voice that next script to be heard online, on the radio, TV, telephone system or grocery store! Funny enough, I consider myself to be quite introverted and yet have chosen a career that places my voice into the ears of so many people.

Craziest experience: While on the air one day, I was eating potato chips and started choking live on air. My wife heard me on her radio and called in to ask if I was OK!


Columbia School Of Broadcasting. One on one training by Maurice Tobias and Marc Cashman. Thousands of scripts voiced.


Recent credits include: Lululemon, Google, Facebook, Staples, Olympics, LL Bean, McDonalds, The Discovery Channel, and much more including currently Narrating See No Evil, Investigation Discovery's top rated show now in its 10th season - over 120 episodes.

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I have a full time Audio Engineer handling all my day to day recording. Files are cleaned and fully mastered or raw as per your specifications.