Roberto Cuadrado

Roberto Cuadrado

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"versatile broadcaster with 14 years experience"

Work done over the years in the most varied fields, records
and audiovisual formats
courses, audio guides, games, E-learning, advertising, internet, viral, Iphone, audio libros.infocomerciales
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Trabajos realizados a lo largo de estos años en los mas diversos campos ,registros
y formatos audiovisuales
cursos, audio guias ,juegos, E-learning ,publicidad , Internet , viralidad ,Ipad, audio libros.infocomerciales


training courses on dubbing and Phoniatrics in the main schools of Madrid


I worked for a variety of platforms and producing first line of audiovisual production
companies such as Volvo, Daimler, Mudseo Prado, Mercedes, Government of Spain, Blizzard, etc.


Carries out as presenter of events and infomercials