Richie Crossman

Richie Crossman

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"British male, from silly to serious."

I can be serious, silly, soft, sarcastic, friendly and firm. My voice covers characteristics from zany and cartoony to impeccably British. Generically, I have a smooth male voice ranging from a low tenor to a high alto, which means I can make my voice silky sweet or rugged and manly and can fit any age range. In terms of energy I can perform both serene and extreme.

I take inspiration from a variety of sources that ensure I can maintain a versatile range. When I was young I would always mimic my favourite characters I saw onscreen, wether it was from the latest Disney movie, or the humour of Black Adder. Loving movies of action, drama and comedy, mimicking the voices I heard from my favourite characters quickly became one of my most frequent hobbies and has remained so to this day.

My passion covers all aspects of voice over work. My voice is best suited for phone messages, radio commercials, singing, jingles,pre-recorded public announcements, cartoons and video games.


In College and University I was theatrically trained in traditional vocal methods: Shakespeare, public speaking, singing, but also in the following arts: storytelling in the oral tradition, script-writing and audio editing, all of which I continue to hone and improve so that I may apply them to my profession.


My voice acting career began from a young age. As a teenager I did voice over work with my Sister and her friends in Dubai, and was privileged to do radio commercials for 7-Up and the Dubai Summer Surprises Festival.

Though I have professionally developed in many varying forms of performance, my voice has always been my greatest tool. All these experiences coalesce into my chosen vocation. I began my freelance career doing an automated telephone message for footway shoes, which I also wrote the script for.

The biggest company I have worked for so far is Disney. While working for Disney as a voice over artist and as an impersonator, I was required to mimic a variety of characters such as Stitch, Tigger and Captain Jack Sparrow for live audiences and even lend my voice for performance recordings and pre-recorded announcements.

In other projects I have recorded audio books and lent my voice to two YouTube channels, one of which is for ASMR, using my voice to help people relax and deal with anxiety. Years of theatre experience as a performer, director and even critically analysing professional standards of work, gives me an insight into the fundamental building blocks of, not only character development, but also in delivering a performance with a purposeful enthusiasm.


Singing, post-production, script-writing.