Rhiannon Moushall

Rhiannon Moushall

Mitglied seit 2 Jahren
"A Versatile Character Actor, Ready to Voice Your Next Adventure"

I bring sincerity and warmth to even the most far-out characters, creating stories that linger in a listener's mind long after it's over. I take direction with ease, and pride myself on my commitment to creating rich and varied voices with a wealth of accents and affectations. I excel in gaming, animation and audio-dramas, but am able to bring a striking level of authenticity to both commercial and corporate work as well.


I'm a professionally trained actor, with a degree in musical theatre from Griffith University, Australia. I worked extensively and internationally in theatre and film to critical acclaim, and in 2017 began working in voice acting. My twenty years of vocal training have proved invaluable as a voice actor, allowing me the stamina and skill to sustain extended sessions and safely push my voice to extremes. In 2020 I constructed a home booth and have been taking courses with Gravy for the Brain to advance both my performance and technical skills. I am now able to record and edit professional material from home.


I am a regular voice actor for 'The Penny Peepshow' podcast -- a series of scripted sitcoms produced fortnightly. I've been working for them since 2017 and I've featured in: 'Bert & Maggie' seasons two and three; 'The Pirate Queen' seasons one and two; 'The Devil's Bed & Breakfast'; 'Two Whores & a Courtesan'; 'The Edge of Infinity'; 'A Town Called Prodigal'; and in the most recent quarantine project, 'Lady Midnight Vs.'. I have also performed ADR for Universal Studios Japan's 'Wizarding World of Harry Potter', featuring as the 'Slytherin' in their 'Hogwarts Magical Nights' parade.

This year I'll be featured in two fantastic gaming projects: as 'Isis' in Pirita Studios' award winning PC game, 'Mutropolis'; and as 'Ivy Icecream' for the delightful 'Santa Academy' app for kids this Christmas.


I'm a professional vocalist, specializing in musical theatre.