Rebecca Ozer

Rebecca Ozer

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"Clear, Confident and Cool"

Rebecca has a clear, confident, and cool voice with a friendly demeanor. She is originally from New York but lived in England for three years where she mastered a variety of UK regional accents during her Voiceover and Actor's Training at The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. She loves exploring new accents and means of expressive sounds to create new animated characters. She specializes in commercials, animation and gaming.


Rebecca trained with Marina Caldarone, Judith McSpadden and Nicola Henderson in animation, radio, audiobooks, documentaries, gaming and commercials at The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts in England. She also trained with Guy Michael's Voiceover Kickstarter and has taken workshops with Lori Alan and Everett Oliver. She continues to train in a variety of classes with Voice Actors of New York and Actor's Connection.


Various voices in the feature film Rocketman, AdsWizz internet commercial


Accents, Singing