Randy Frongillo

Randy Frongillo

Mitglied seit 2 Jahren
"Warm, friendly, conversational and pleasing to the ear."

I approach every piece of narrative copy as dialog, sometimes single-voice dialog, because that’s what it is…a one-sided conversation with your audience. My goal is to tell your story in such a way that the listener feels like I’m right there with them - in the car, across the table, at the end of the couch…wherever they are.

In my upper register, I am youthful, vibrant, confident & enthusiastic. You can hear the smile in my voice. My lower register, at times, brings out a sense of calm and compassion, while at other times is inspiring and good-natured…and when the story calls for it, just the right amount of smirk!

My past work experience has given me a unique perspective on the commercial process. As a Commercial Writer and Producer within the context of radio, I had the pleasure of working, in the field, with business owners and the decision-makers themselves to develop advertising campaigns that produced results. I was also accountable to the sales rep. On top of that, I wrote the spots, I did the casting, directed the recording sessions, and did all of the post-production. This unique, “insider’s view” gave me respect for all of those involved in the process. It taught me to think like a client. I know how copy is written, I understand how to analyze, interpret, and deliver copy in an honest and intelligent way that sounds, well…just like talking. That is, never announcer-y - unless that’s what you want!

I excel in commercial VO and I am just as comfortable narrating e-Learning modules, explainer videos, corporate training video, and IVR phone systems.


Since 2018 I have been getting professional VO coaching from Terry Daniel at Universal Voice Talent. Through Universal, I worked with Terry, Rob Marley, Jan Anderson, Trish Basanyi, Tawny Platus, and Jennifer Edwards. My first professionally produced demos were completed in the spring of 2020 by Terry Daniel.

I received professional audiobook training from David H. Lawrence XVII and Dan O’Day with the ACX Masterclass.


During the 2019-2020 college hockey season, I worked with the production team at the University of Nevada - Las Vegas (UNLV,) providing VO for various produced giant-screen presentations.

Recently, I began narrating video tours of high-end homes for Discover Montana Realty.

The vast majority of my voiceover experience is from the thousands of spots I produced at the various radio stations I worked for over the course of my nearly 35-year career as a radio producer and on-air talent.

I have two Colorado Broadcasters Association awards for spots that I wrote, voiced, and produced.


Other services I can provide include audio editing, post-production, minor audio repair, mixing, and audio engineering.
I can also assist in copywriting.