Pascal Dsanchez

Pascal Dsanchez

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"I am an enthusiastic voice over talent with a warm rich voice"

Pascal D'Sanchez's rich British accent has featured on various corporate promotions and Pascal recently recorded a radio ad. Pascal's voicing acting abilities mean that she is able to do a range of accents including: London, African, South African, Australian, Scottish, Welsh, Southern Accent (American), Caribbean Accent, French, Russian and more.

Pascal's voice is -Pascal D'Sanchez's rich British accent is: Lively, warm, upbeat and energetic. Her rich velvety tones will easily add class, glamour and sophistication to your audio. Her cultured tones are perfect for both domestic and international projects.

Her background in Voiceovers, 2D Animation, Acting, dance, writing and her online training business means that she can clearly identify your business needs.

Pascal uses her professional home recording equipment, so you can rest assured that the sound quality of your audio will be perfect for: IVR, Narration, audio books, commercials, podcasts, characters & radio plays, radio imaging, corporate work, game characters, e-learning and much more. Pascal is professional, natural and right here.....

For Narration Pascal employ's the subtle emphatic rich qualities of her voice to enrich any story - making characters come alive. The fact that Pascal D'Sanchez is an ebook author of several children's books - gives her a deeper insight of what is required for narrative projects.

For CD-Rom: Pascal has a smooth, yet persuasive voice which lends itself perfectly for numerous projects including: radio imaging, e-learning, corporate narrations, commercials, video games, documentaries, radio plays and more.


2013 - Gary Terzza's Voiceover Masterclass

Diploma in Hypnotherapy
Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy
Diploma in NLP
Diploma in Life Coaching
Advanced Diploma in Life Coaching
Housing Management Certificate
BTEC National Diploma in Bustiness & Finance
Advanced Diploma in Nutriton
PTTLS Level 4 (License to teach)
Diploma in Psychotherapy
Diploma in Reflexology
Diploma in Colour Therapy
Diploma in Stress Management

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Recorded a produced a radio ad for a real estate company.

Recorded Promotional messages for client

Narrative work for college video.

A Radio slot for college project.


The fact that Pascal D'Sanchez has performed in pantomimes means that she has an array of accents in her voice over toolbox which enhance any characterization.

She is able to deliver voice overs in the following accents:

Welsh, Irish, Newcastle, Geordie London (Cockney)

London (Middle class, Derbyshire (Northern UK),

American (Generic), Well-spoken, West Indian,

Street, African, Sexy, Posh, Attitude & Nigerian.