Pamela Johnston

Pamela Johnston

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"Warm, Natural, Corporate, Multilingual"

Pamela Johnston has been working professionally as voice talent since 1995. She is known for her professional attitude, quick understanding of direction, and a warm, natural voice. With a professional home studio Pamela can provide whatever you need, including narrations, commercials, PSAs, telephone/IVR/GPS, web and e-learning projects, audiobooks, podcasts, and English, Spanish, and German languages. She has excellent facility with medical, anatomical, computer, IT, and technical terms.


Pamela has trained specifically for voiceover through workshops and master classes with the renowned Edge Studio in NYC, including sessions with David Goldberg, Paul Liberti, and Grover Gardner, award winning audiobook narrator and producer.


Clients include:

* Delta Airlines
* BBG (Spanish, French, & German)
* Ralph Lauren
* US Department for Migrant Worker Safety (Spanish)
* State of Colorado
* Discover Magazine
* Time Magazine
* AmeriCorps (English & Spanish)
* Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals
* The Discovery Channel
* Mercer Human Resources Consulting
* The Learning Channel
* MaxiPool (German)

AmeriCorps Client comments:

‘It sounds just like it did in our heads!’
‘It is great working with such a professional.’
‘Wonderful voice, and fantastic attitude!’

Hi Pamela,
We hire a l-o-t of voice talent, but your narration for the Department of Fish and Wildlife's presentation to the Department of Defense put most of them to shame. Thanks for being easy, fast, and pleasing our client. 'Till more!...

David Goldberg
director, edge studio


Excellent facility with medical, anatomical, technical terminology. Many years' experience with eLearning projects and training materials. Extensive English language with accents and dialects including French, Russian, Asian, German, British, Irish, US Southern, and US 'Jersey Girl'.