Pam Wood

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"Bringing authentic warmth & hospitality to your brand"

I was recently told that I naturally sound warm and I don't need to work so hard to sound that way, that it just comes out, along with a smile, so I don't have to add that either. To hear this was actually a relief, now I can further concentrate on the read and connection.


I've trained with Marc Cashman, Deanna Cooney (AUS) and most recently Mary Lynn Wissner, each working with me to further develop a conversational delivery. Feel free to reach out to any of them for their take on my delivery and how hard I've worked this past year.


With the explosion of VO this past year and the influx of competition, sadly I have not booked through the platforms (and I ask that you please don't hold that against me). I scheduled a demo this past May but decided to work more on varying my deliveries so I have postponed that. What I have to upload are DIY samples.


Thanks to Larry Hudson my editing skills have greatly improved and am proud to narrate and produce audiobooks now. Recording #3 at present. Narration is helping me with acting and delivery.