Noemi Vox

Noemi Vox

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"An exciting, energetic and warm voice with brilliant characters"

My young and happy voice adds the necessary energy to commercials.

Its warm and thoughtful gravity sends a comforting feeling of authority.

My care, experience and empathy allow my recordings to take into account the audience, the style, the audio specs and the product. I ensure characters come to life, products are highlighted and brands are believed in.

My training adds the professionalism with which I ensure the process of recording is smooth for you and you can focus on the project itself, I can take care of bringing it to life.


My training includes:

Creating characters for video games with Dave Fennoy.

Characters for Animation with Dian Perry

Full Acting Studio - American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Private coaching with Harry Durnall.

Intense vocals and extreme vocals with Yvonne Morley,

Acting for Camera

Language and Accent training.

Audio and marketing training (including experience as Head of Marketing and Trade Manager)

Voiceover Network training

Regular Gravy for the Brain training (including mentoring)


My experience ranges from commercials and narration through IVR, short films to stories and games.

Some of my notable clients include:
Simplus Junior,
RAMA and
the Monopoly game.


One of my specials is the cute and hilarious fairy voice which can be used for your animations, game characters and adds.

My voice shines in stories, e-learning, games and commercials.

My perfectly bilingual skills ensure professional and current recording styles (including pronunciation, style, accent and tone).