Noah Appelbaum

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"Warm, clean, conversational, and quirky as you call for"

I offer quick turn-around from my home studio, equipped for Source Connect or any VoIP program you can name. I am always happy to collaborate with clients, and work to make sessions fun, fast, and productive for everyone involved!

I love digging into copy to find the right read for the job. I bring an easy, conversational tone to commercial copy. As an actor and improvisor with over a decade of professional experience to draw from, I also love to craft characters that pop for animation, videogames, and educational content.


I have taken classes and workshops all over the U.S. and internationally with veterans and industry luminaries in commercial technique, animation, and videogame VO.

More generally as an actor, I hold a performance degree and have taken countless classes and workshops including voice intensives, and (less useful for voiceover) a professional certification course in corporeal mime :)


I have worked as a voiceover talent and on-camera actor for tech companies, farms, hospitals, and commercial shredding companies.

As an actor, I have performed for many thousands of people on stage and in independent film projects. I have performed in international festivals, and at venues in an astounding range of sizes.


Singing -- Baritone
Excellent with technical terms

While I prefer to leave post-production in the hands of more specialized professionals who are familiar with the needs of your project, I do have professional experience as a sound engineer, and can guarantee you clean, good sounding audio to work with!