Neil Holmes

Neil Holmes

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"Sincere or Manic, Smooth or Scary - Whatever voice works for you"

Neil has been behind a mic for more than 25 years (excepting occasional naps). He is an accomplished commercial voice actor, audio-book and corporate narrator, an award winning copywriter, and a polished audio engineer.


In the beginning with Etel Billig (Illinois Theater Center), plus Reid Allan and Gary Dixon, and continuing studies through the years with Bettye Pierce Zoller and Hugh Lampman; Masterclasses with Steve Martin, Nancy Cartwright, Samuel L. Jackson; along with classes from D'Arcy Smith at Actors Studio (Louisville), and Lisa Orkin at The Radio Ranch.


Biggest achievement? Probably as the voice of a commercial that increased the client's business 900%. (Yes, nine-hundred percent). I am also proud my audio-books, both fiction and nonfiction, are selling at a rate that even makes my daughter proud. I've voiced for Lowes, Burger King, Gateway Computers, civic presentations, malls, jewelers and jewelry chains, etc. etc. etc. If it's needed a voice, I've probably done something similar.


I've been told I have a gifted ear for post production, confident in music/jingle editing; and working to eliminate the small pops and clicks other's leave in their productions.