Nano Nagle

Nano Nagle

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"A versatile smooth, but cheerful kind of tone"

I can do multi characters talking to each other and I am a great storyteller - whether it is a murder mystery, sci- fi animation or historical fiction I can grap the story and tell it.
I can also be the real scientist telling you about her next ground breaking vaccination scheme because I have a weighty voice when it is needed but a thin child - like one when it is necessary.
I love voice over work.


I trained as an actress and worked as an actress for many years when I occasionally did voice overs but lately I have been teaching drama to children and storytelling and voice overs have been much demanded of me.


I have completed 22 audiobooks for ACX and all of the novels are selling well on Audible especially The Circle of Ceridwen Saga of which I have recorded and edited five books.
I have voiced commercials for many internet ads from Swedish heating systems to English retirement homes. My favorite is Judo Granny which has over 30,000 followers.


I can now produce an audiobook which sounds clear and interesting in my own home studio. I have often just been emailed with the spec and produced the ad.