Minghao Zhang

Mitglied seit 2 Jahren
"Animated, Smart, Funny, Friendly, Comforting, Energetic, Natural"

I have been engaged in dubbing for ten years. On the road of the language art I love, I take "recording with my heart, constantly surpassing and returning to nature" as my initial heart, concentrate on studying, quietly comprehend, treat every work seriously, and accumulate a lot in practice.
Love movies, music, basketball and photography in life, and accept all good things with sunshine!
I am a journalism major, and I love challenges, transcendence and cross-border! Journalist, host, actor and model are all my former occupations, and drop-dead gorgeous has more strength to witness. Calm down, I constantly challenge and break through myself, carve the expression from my heart, and talk to the world with my voice!


Born in Guangzhou on May 6, 1992, male voice actor and voice director, graduated from Beijing Film Academy.


Advertising representative works:
national brand plan series, national strategic plan series, Mercedes-Benz, Lenovo Computer, Audi, LG, Samsung, Haier, Meizu, Country Garden, Evergrande, Wanda, Wuliangye, Jiannanchun, LU ZHOU LAO JIAO CO.,LTD, vivo, Geely, Kans, China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, JD.COM, Youku, Tmall and so on.

Representative works of image films:
national brand strategic image films, national gene bank image films, promotional films of Jilin Province, Henan Province and Jiangxi Province recommended by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the world, and so on.
And served as the voice of many domestic radio and television channels.
Animation works: China's first 3D animation, Lei Feng, Zodiac, Mushroom Village and so on.


overall mixing packaging of advertisements, post-packaging processing of special topics, animation video and audio, post-packaging of radio and television stations, master tape processing, etc. The price is negotiable.