Mia F. Campagna

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"Warm, trustworthy, confident, energetic, fun, cool, intriguing"
Mia F. Campagna

Millennial apps, babycare products, fitness products, healthcare, non-profits supporting the arts, cool cars, designer fragrances, banking products, online retail, cutting edge tech, grooming products, delicious food products, PSAs to help the people, anything funny with comedic timing as well as video games, animated shows, & some lovely narration.


1. The Voice Masters: animationVO levels 1 & 2
2. The Voicecaster: beginningVO, intermediateVO, advancedVO, animationVO
3. Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute - method acting
4. Pasadena Conservatory of Music - vocal training
5. LACHSA - acting, singing
6. Private VO lessons


24hr Fitness, Johnson's Baby Products, Disney Jr, Groupon, Ovation, Tom Ford, Dell Computers(character voice), & Daisy Brand(jingle)


I can do many accents & a wide age range. I'm a classically trained musician, singer, & composer that can both write & sing fully fleshed out songs or short jingles. My turn around times are quite expedient coming in between 24hrs - 3days depending on the type of project. I have worked for music libraries doing sound alikes and original compositions in the following musical genres: pop, rock, classical, country, alternative and many others. Basically, if you give me an example or a your product with a few key words I can make your project sing!