Merlên LaVoix Lundsgaard

Merlên LaVoix Lundsgaard

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"Alluring International Storyteller"

My "signature" voice style is documentary/narration and narrative series (promo series). That's where my natural voice lives. I am also a "Certified Medical Narration Specialist" who has also voiced commercials and jingles in Japanese and in English. Voice coaches and clients describe my voice as "alluring, very nurturing, calm, storytelling, elegant, unique, flirty, sexy" with a sense of "wonderment, inquisitiveness and soothing tones."

I am a TCK ("Third-Country-Kid") from an inter-cultural marriage raised in a multi-lingual home in an international city (Tokyo). My higher education was in universities in Australia, France, Russia and USA. My voiceactor/TV news anchorman father had me reading into a tape recorder from the age of 4. I did my first radio spot at age 7. My voice was used in language learning tapes (to teach English) in Japan. As an adult, I have lived and worked in over 30 cities across 4 continents in both hemispheres; as a result, my natural accent in English is rather unique, a bit hard-to-place, and easily understood by non-native English speakers across the globe. I can speak English with many accents including North American, southern, neutral, French, Japanese, Filipino, and Russian. (I also speak those languages, among a few others.) In French I can do a Parisian accent, an American accent, and a south of France accent.

I have worked as on-camera talent at JCTV in Tokyo (today called CNN) performing live-on-air doing local and international news, local and international weather, events, topics and flight information, plus other local programs, all of which included writing my own scripts, selecting video clips and graphics, and performing them live with perfect timing, to the second.

I like singing jingles, take direction well, and work from a broadcast-quality home recording studio based in Denmark.


Rogers Communication International (Tokyo, Japan), Tokyo International Players (acting), Doordomskaya Comedy Improv Group (Moscow, Russia), Andrew Carlton vo coaching (Sydney, Australia), Anthony Grgas at The Actor's Studio (Sydney, Australia), Mirren Lee acting coach (Sydney, Australia), VoiceActing Academy Graduate (8-week course) in 2004 (San Diego, CA), Pat Fraley, Ed Asner, Marc Cashman, and Larry Hudson (audio editing). Private coaching with: Nancy Wolfson, Jim Alburger, Penny Abshire, Deb Munro (Canada), Julie Williams (online), Peter Rofé (NYC), Melody Jones (NYC), and continue on-going voice coaching as well as weekly copy workout sessions. I am a Graduate of the VoiceActing Foundations Certificate Program at George Brown College (Toronto) and hold a BA in Broadcast Journalism plus a Diploma in Phonetics.


On-camera talent at JCTV in Tokyo (local and international news, topix, events, local and international weather, etc.), Master of Ceremony at various events, DJ and Karaoke Host DJ in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia.
Yodobashi Camera Jingle, Voice for Several Internet Marketing videos, KFC Japan, Fujitsu Pocket Bell (Japan National TV CM and jingle), Sonopac news and language tapes (English), various television ads for JCTV (Tokyo), Tesla IVR in French, Signature Travel Club, Frontier Enterprises movie dubbing of Japanese films and cartoons into English and French for Japan Airlines, Kevin Kiley Associates (corporate narration)


Translation and interpreting, singing, copy editing (French and English).