Melody Muzljakovich

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"Many voices, many melodies, much versatility!"
Melody Muzljakovich

I offer a wide range of voices with the appropriate acting suitable for many different types of projects! If you need a pixie voice, I'm your girl. Need a sultry villainess...? Got you. Want a wacky androgynous character? I've got that for you too. Do you need a little boy? No problem! Want a feminine voice that's strange and creepy...even ageless? I have that as well. I can also provide you with a variety of accents such as; Southern, French, British, Middle Eastern, Russian, New Yorker, and more! I've explored my voice-range thoroughly due to my love for digital drawing, writing, reading, and playing video-games! Acting wise, I'll do what's needed. I can go from over the top to something more monotonous to more...authentic, natural, realistic. With all this said, I am also a singer who can sing in multiple voices AND any genre you throw at me (opera is definitely doable, but trickier) as my dynamic range gives me much versatility in this regard too. My mother named me Melody for a reason, hehe!

Along with my voice-acting and singing capabilities, I'm also a self-taught digital artist who's been drawing for years now, so if it helps the project, I don't mind offering some artistic direction! I also love to improvise and add my own *flair* to the character but not so much so it takes away from the developer's vision. You should know that if you select me for a project, I am happy to provide other voices if it helps out the team, and I'm willing to go above and beyond to make your project come to life and do well. I also actively promote the projects I've been in on my social media. If you have any other questions, please let me know and I'll be sure to respond to you asap!

Thank you.


Years of general vocal training via my mother, performing on stage(only singing though), and lots of studying voice-over via animation, video-game, and etc!

Private lessons with Dave Fennoy


I have provided several voices for characters in the popular game called "Heroes of Newerth" by Frostburn Studios. The characters are Locksmasher, Painkiller, Venus, Adina, and Shortfuse.

I'm also the voice of Elle and human Bearverly in the game "Crush Crush" by Sad Panda Studios.

I've been in several mobile games and visual-novels and I've also narrated three audiobooks (so far)!


Singing, Drawing, Directing