Mel Elliott

Mel Elliott

Mitglied seit 10 Jahren
"Friendly, Smooth, Educated, Assured"

A silky British voice. Intelligent , approachable and fluid. Crystal clear RP English pronunciation is especially good for teaching/tutorial and education sectors.


Gary Terzza VOMasterclass

Gravy for the Brain - audio/sound course

Ongoing professional development


A range of projects including: Radio & TV commercials/ explainer & promo videos/ business presentations / podcasts

Clients worldwide including:

Al Boardman //Artex Productions// Asin Sound // Bitpod // Ciber // Colonel Duck// Corporate Sound// ePages // Elementx // Enterprise Screen Productions Ltd // Escape Goat Pictures // Essential Media Communications // Explanimation // Firststar // GSL Solutions // Haynes Music Prod.// Hydeaway Spa// Jump off the Screen // Lambda productions // Lemon8 // Levitate Media // Maya Zankoul Design // Mocean // Mstudio // Murray Homes// Niwa // OOTB // Orange Reel //Reverse // Robotic Raptor // Saico // Sonoarte // Space City// Spread // Telecentric // The Play Studio// Tunafish Media// Union Editorial // Vidoo // Voxon

Testimonials include:

"Thank you very much for your work. I love your recordings" - Cyrus Ghamghami, Telecentric

Very nice pronunciation, clear, crisp. Great working with you - (Ari Freeman, Elementx)

I am entirely happy with everything, thanks again for the great work. It was a pleasure working with you in every aspect - (K. Maletzke/ePages)


With a history in Public Sector Management Mel has extensive corporate presentation and project management experience to add.

With a fully equipped home studio Mel is able to be timely, flexible and responsive to whatever a project needs. Within 24hours if necessary.