Meghan Stefek

Mitglied seit 3 Jahren
"I want to give your creativity a voice!"

Hi! My name is Meghan Stefek and I've been voice acting since I was 12 years old. It originally started as a silly little hobby, but as I started getting more into the business I really wanted to further my career. I've voiced several different characters from a whiny little girl to a teenage girl getting brutally murdered. Whatever the character, I'd love to give it a voice!


When it comes to training, I'm pretty much self-taught. However, I did take four years of acting at Old Bridge High School, and I'm currently studying at York College of PA as a Mass Communications major and a Musical Theatre minor.


My biggest achievement so far was recording for an online learning website about the different countries and their cultures and landmarks. The website is still in progress as I just finished recording the audio a month ago, but I was paid about $800 for it.


I do sing, I'm a soprano/belter and I can also sing in whatever voice the character requires! I can also edit my own audio if need be!