Martin Victor

Martin Victor

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"Edgy, Compelling, Provocative, Authoritative"

I have an Authoritative Voice with an Edge suitable for Commercials, Promos, Narrations, Movie Trailers, Imaging, and Corporate, Industrial, Military, or Medical Training. My voice print is reminiscent of a Jack Webb/James Earl Jones mixture, although my range extends beyond the demos available on this website. Romancing the words and connecting with a single listener are my best traits. I'm provocative and compelling, yet comforting and compassionate; conversational and down to earth, yet be over-the-top, if desired.


I joined The Voice Actor's Workshop of Western New York in 1998, mentored by a noted Los Angeles voice actor who relocated back to New York. This training honed and strengthened my acting skills, launched my first demo, led to an agency signing and listing on, and prepared me for relocation to the Los Angeles area in 2007. I practice and audition daily in my studio and stay active in local voice workout groups.


My client list includes: The Ford Motor Co., Eastman Kodak, The Buffalo Sabres, The National Football League, Blue Cross Blue Shield, CART Racing, Keystone Health, Owens-Corning, Fisher-Price, Free Star Bank, General Electric, and the Raytheon Corp., among many others. I've booked broadcast and in-house medical, industrial, and corporate documentary and narration work, as many of my clients are attorneys, hospitals, banks and other major businesses. I've been the radio and TV voice of the Roper St. Francis Hospital system in South Carolina since 2004 ( visit ).


I performed my first solo piano recital at age 6 in Augsburg, Germany, and started playing professionally at age 11. After attending the University of Texas at El Paso from 1967-1971, majoring in Music Theory and Composition, I joined the American Federation of Musicians in 1973. After years of numerous club and concert performances, I was voted the Top Keyboardist at the Buffalo Backstage Music Awards in 1982 and again in 1983. I've also released three major label international rock music albums from 1982-86 and 2012 in the USA on Panther Records, Retrospect Records and ATCO Records and, in Canada, on Flying Fist Records and Warner Bros.Records. My music career has given me tremendous insight into my acting career, which commenced with appearances in several independent films from 2002-2005, the latest of which (Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead - directed by Lloyd Kaufmann for Troma Films) screened at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2007 and in Hollywood in June 2008, and was credited on the Internet Movie database.