Martin Both

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"Warm, friendly and inviting next door neighbor sound"
Martin Both

My voice is described by many as friendly and approachable, as well as familiar, trustworthy and dependable. For your projects, you'll find my voice credible and knowledgeable, with clear enunciation and projection to convey the information you need to your listeners.


I've trained and worked with the following coaches: David Rosenthal, Marc Cashman, Peter Dickson, J. Michael Collins, Hugh Edwards, Steven Reisberg, Joyce Castellanos, Brian Sommer, MJ Lallo, Jeff Lupetin, Norm Boucher, and Darren Stephens. Continual self improvement through Global Voice Acting Academy and Gravy for the Brain.


I've had great success with scripts that highlight my warm, friendly, guy-next-door sound.


I was raised bilingual in the USA by German parents, and am currently a member of Elmhurst Harmonie German Chorus.