Marley Otto

Mitglied seit 2 Jahren
"Warm, velvety, relatable, low, unique, alluring female voice."

I spent four years as an on-air announcer for a major NPR station as well as the past 10 years doing commercial voice over. My voice is very low for a woman, but hyper-feminine, and also has the ability to pitch much higher and sound younger when necessary. There is a gravitas that lends itself well to serious or educational subjects, and a warmth that can make you feel as though you're talking to your best friend.


I was a child actor in Canada and started learning how to use and manipulate my voice from a young age. I took multiple classes and workshops and have now had over a decade of experience doing commercial voice over professionally.


As an on-air announcer for NPR's largest member station in California, my voice was heard by close to 1000000 people every week. Through this work I learned audio editing and copy writing skills as well as the ability to record and produce myself under very tight deadlines. In the commercial world I have voiced a large online campaign for Acer, multiple spots for Joe Fresh, and a national commercial for Tim Horton's. I've also voiced multiple corporate training and instructional videos.


I am a professional singer and I also speak fluent French.