Mark Ryes

Mark Ryes

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"British Voiceover"

I'm an award-winning British voiceover, with decades of experience with International brands such as Emirates, Google, HSBC, EE, Wix, Tomy, Mattel, Bosch, GSK, Landrover, and Unilever. My voice is described as British English, trusted, clear, warm and friendly, with a neutral accent. A friendly dad, aged 35-45, a trusted neighbour, someone you'd want to have a drink with. I'm a member of British Equity. I'm the co-host of the podcast "How Do You Say That?!" for voiceovers, podcasters, directors, producers, script-writers and anyone who's ever had to read a script out loud!

I won the prestigious One Voice Award for Best Overall Performance in Telephony/IVR and have been nominated for other One Voice Awards every year since 2018. I record a lot of e-learning for clients such as the British National Health Service and Vodafone, and work with e-learning companies across the world. Two documentaries I voiced recently have won international awards. As well as corporate and commercial work - I voice many characters for games and animations, including an award-winning Santa Claus (have a listen to the Santa demo) and the 1950's BBC/Pathe News vintage newsreader voice.

For many years I was also the the network voice of British Forces TV, Challenge TV in the UK and the presenter of "Entertainment Now!" for Associated Press TV around the world.

I can usually turn around audio from my own studio within 24 hours... I live in Oxfordshire in the UK with easy access to London, Birmingham, Oxford and Reading studios, I'm always happy to do custom samples of script. I can also record via Source Connect, ISDN through ipDTL, CleanFeed, Skype or Zoom if you need a directed session.


My mother was an elocution and drama teacher - so I learnt very early... but I do have a degree in Media Production from Bournemouth University (1991).

ADR Course (Louis Ellman Academy) 2018
Dubbing and band Rythmo (Stephane Corenicard) 2019


My recent clients have included: HSBC, EE,, Bosch, GSK, Landrover, Unilever, KPMG, Mercedes Benz, Nestle, ATP World Tennis Tour, Thames Water, Subway, Which magazine, Deloitte, Wickes, Halfords, Ferrero, Lloyd's Register, Network Rail, Phillips, Direct Line, Thomas Cook, Virgin Media and many more!

I'm also an accomplished TV presenter... I'm found late-night on ITV1 across the UK a couple of nights every week.


I also do a series of character voices - including a gangster for a crime video game, various commander and narrator voices for the "World of Tanks" series, Sir Chip Meowski III for the new Hot Wheels promo series, Captain Ray for a new sci-fi adventure game, the narrator for a Werewolf inspired board game and app - plus staple voices including a pirate, santa, sad robot, American storyteller, aristocrat (think Jeeves & Wooster), mad scientist, cartoon monkey, gladiator / centurion, disembodied whisper, cartoon henchman, pathe / movietone newsreader, Alan Bennett character.

I do some post-production for clients making commercials. I'm also very good at editing and polishing scripts for clients who's first language perhaps isn't English - or they want true spoken English delivered properly.